Latest in hairstyles

Are you ready for a brand new look for the season? Check out these great hairstyles that are becoming a part of fashion. Choose a great trending color and then a fresh new cut to celebrate this season in style.

The Long Shag

This is a long layered haircut that really gets the inspiration from the 70’s looks. It is a great imperfect fringe that makes it really up to minute in style.

Fringed Pixie

This is a great pixie cut that is tapered short towards the bottom and just gets longer as you head towards the top. This tends to give it volume at the crown area. The top layer will be layered, which gives it a lot of texture. When you get to the front, you will notice that it’s a stylish fringe that goes across the forehead.

Long Layers

If you don’t want to lose a lot of volume, simply go with long layers to add some drama and texture to your hair.

Curly Lob

This is great if you are looking for medium length hair. It will be long enough that you style it, but short enough that you can do it easily. The best way to really dress it up, is to just add some curls.

Graduated Bob

This is a great haircut that is all about volume. Whenever it is styled, it will get a lot of volume, but even during those wash and go days, it still gets volume. This is great for those who want volume and want a nice curvy profile.





how to keep your hair clean when you’ve been to the pool or beach

It is that time again when you are getting ready to head out to the beach or pool for some nice fun. You are packed up with sunscreen but you need to know how to care for your hair after you have been in the water, so you don’t end up with a ball of tangles and frizz and ruined hair color.

Wash away your troubles!

For good hair during summer, after you get out of the water, rinse your hair with fresh water. Chlorine or salt water can ruin your hair color and even cause some damage to your hair. So rinse it out ASAP or wash it with a good clarifying shampoo.

Add in Leave-in conditioner

Once you have shampooed or rinsed, give your hair a bit of TLC by adding a leave-in conditioner. You should look for a conditioner that has SPF in it, so you can have fun in the sun without any more damage.

Wide Tooth Combs are your friend.

Brushing your wet hair is a lot of trouble. Use a wide toothed comb and work your way through your hair gently. The wide teeth are there to stop breakage and help fight frizz.

Clarify your hair

If you plan to be in the water a lot this year, you will need clear out the residue in your hair. Doing a weekly clarifying treatment helps to keep your healthy. For a more natural clarifier, use apple cider vinegar.



How to get sand out of your hair after being at the beach

After being at the beach for most of the day, sand can end up in places that you didn’t want it to be such as between your toes, in cracks and crevices in your swimsuit, cars and the worst of all, your hair. You may wonder how you get sand out of your hair. There are plenty of ways that you can get rid of the sand on in your hair. You will most likely have everything needed in your house so, there is no need to buy anything.

Shake it out

So, many people claim that the best strategy is to let your hair dry completely, then flip it over and shake it out, then blow dry it while you brush it out. Works best when you play Taylor Swift orOutkast in the background.

Baby Powder

Let your hair dry out, and shake as much sand out as possible then dust your scalp with some baby powder. The powder helps the sand from sticking from your hair. Brush the baby powder in your hair, and then shake it again and then to remove the baby powder just shampoo.

Shampoo a lot

If you don’t have baby powder, then shampoo your hair a few times. Be sure to use conditioner, otherwise you will end up with a head full of frizz.

Vacuum it out.

People actually do this. Put your dry hair into pigtails and then hold a small vacuum a few inches from your scalp and let it suck up the sand. Don’t go any closer than 3 inches, as you can end up with some pretty bad tangles.

Combine it!

If shaking doesn’t work, go to baby powder, shampoo and then vacuum.

Stay the course and hopefully you don’t have a head full of sand after you finish.