How much money can you save with coupons?

Believe it or not, coupons are still a main part of shopping. Here lately, they have become more widespread with the amount of money that you can save purchasing things that you will use.

70% of coupons in the US that are redeemed are free standing inserts or those things that fall out of newspapers whenever you open it up. They are actually used more than digital coupons these days.

The question that many ask is all that coupon clipping really worth it and can it save you money?

When it comes down to couponing, the choices are either spending all your waking hours looking for those coupons that are offering $1 to $0.75 off or spending your whole paycheck for groceries for the month.

That doesn’t even sound appealing. So, how do you even figure out if it is going to save you money? To start with, run some numbers. Begin with simple math.

If you want to start couponing, test it out for a month. Ditch the stereotypes and find quick and smart ways to efficiently find the coupons that you are really interested in. Such as coupons for buy one, get ones or even a certain amount off an item that you use daily.

Write down just how much time you spent searching websites, sale papers, printing and sorting coupons, and driving to various stores. Once you have redeemed all of your coupons, record just how much money you saved for each place that you shopped.

For example: It took you 3 hours to get and organize your coupons. You saved $52. Basically you earned $17 for couponing.

So when it comes down to it, you are actually saving more money that you actually believe you are.



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