Really cute bathing suits!

It is common for plus size girls over the size of fourteen to dread the search for a swimsuit. Actually, plus size girls often try to avoid swimsuits, pool parties, and summertime beach fun all together due to the options available to them. They consider the material options to be dull or unattractive. However, thanks to the advancement of swimwear options now providing better built, and more glamorous options it is possible for plus size women to find the sizes and styles that fit their personality.


The NPD Team conducted a marketplace study that indicated plus size women is one of the fastest growing retail industries. Statistics show that women over the size of 14 spent over $22 billion each year. This has resulted in the designers and makers of swimsuits creating new patterns, and offering available swimwear to teen girls who are plus size.


Five types of bathing suits are available in plus sizes: skirted swimwear, tankinis, blouson tops, shortinis, and one-piece swimwear. Skirted swimsuits are single bathing suit designs that have cloth resembling a brief skirt. Tankini’s is an alternative to the regular bikini. The shortini is similar to a tankini, and pairing a tanked top and bikini base works well. Blouson swimwear have a connected flowering top, while one piece swimsuits are self-explanatory. Swimsuits are created using nylon, Lycra, and polyester blends, with prices ranging between $29 to $200 and up.

Cute bathing suit features

When looking for a plus size swimsuit, there are various features to enhance a womans assists while hiding other areas. Stomach bulges can be hidden by designs that use drapped or ruched material. A slimmer look can be achieved by choosing a design that uses a criss-crossed pattern, which contours to the body. Larger body women can appear slimmer with a deep v-neck design while a halter top stabilizes the hips. In addition to these, wearing a swimsuit that has a vibrant top with a dimmer colored skirt will enhance small bust and larger hips.

This means the coloration of the swimsuit is very important in plus size swimwear. For a slimming look, you want to pick a dim brown, blue or black color. However, patterns and stripes can be a daring option if you prefer, it all depends on what you are comfortable with. After all, the swimsuit you choose should be flattering to you first.

When to find swimsuits

The best time to start shopping for your plus size swimsuit is around May or June to get the best options and variety of designs. This ensures inventory is fully stocked. Other tips to keep in mind is, not shopping for a swimsuit right after eating, or during your menstrual cycle.


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